Active Vs. Passive candidates

In the recruitment space, you’re constantly hearing about active versus passive candidates and, to complicate things further, passive candidates aren’t always totally passive. The fact of the matter is that you’re really just trying to find the best candidate, and that candidate may be unemployed, employed but looking, employed by not looking, or employed and not open to a new opportunity.

The different types of candidates have different motives and levels of interest, our recruitment strategy at Rausch focuses on each group in order to effectively find, recruit and bring the best candidates to our clients.

We work with our clients to provide placement services in two distinct ways, Contingency Search and Temp to perm placement.
Contingency Search

A contingency search by definition means Rausch will only collect a fee if we find and place a suitable candidate for the position in question.  Regardless of the number of qualified candidates presented, if none are ultimately hired, no fees are incurred. 

Many firms tend to place a greater focus on clients where they can contract a retained search contract and tend not to focus on a contingent search as they prefer to bill the client in advance. In these cases when a firm offers both a retained and contingent search the contingent search process is usually less structured and less about a precise candidate “fit” and more about getting potentially qualified candidates in front of the client so that the client can make his or her own final assessment.  Often candidates in such searches are drawn from a search firm’s existing database or from public job boards. This is not the case at Rausch!

Rausch focuses on serving the client first in all that we do. We treat all contingency searches as if they were a retained search. We target candidates that match the specific client requirements. The majority of our searches are focused on passive candidates, professionals who are not available on public job boards. Our candidates are interviewed by our recruiting professionals and vetted by our business advisory professionals who have walked a mile in your shoes and truly can assess the candidate’s skill-set. We believe that if your going to use a firm to assist you in your search efforts it should be about quality not quantity.


A passive candidate is a candidate who in most cases is currently employed. Passive candidates are almost always placed as direct contingency hires. However, if our recruiting efforts lead us to an active candidate who is either a consultant or in between jobs, we offer temporary to permeant placement. This is an option where Rausch would hire the candidate as a W2 employee and allow the client to bring them in as a temporary employee. After a period of time if the client wishes to make the candidate a full-time offer they can. This approach allows clients to ensure a proper fit and amortize the cost of recruiting over a period of time rather than paying a contingent fee.

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